Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the foundation of Youth Empowerment Siskiyou. We value the diverse backgrounds, strengths and skill sets our volunteers bring to the table.
Volunteers are needed for our Youth Shelter!!
As a shelter volunteer, you'll assume a vital role in supervising and offering support to shelter residents.
  • Our shelter volunteers help with a wide range of tasks, including cooking, resume-building guidance, job search assistance, educational support, and assistance building vital independent living skills. Your positive influence will extend well beyond the shelter's walls, equipping the next generation for success.
  • To guarantee the utmost safety and security for our residents, all volunteers will be subject to a comprehensive screening process, which includes a background check.

**If you're eager to make a meaningful impact and lend a helping hand, please don't hesitate to reach out to Erika, our Shelter Manager, at Erika@YESiskiyou.org or call 530-841-0844 x120.

If you are interested in other volunteer opportunities please email info@YESiskiyou.org or call 530-841-0844.

Why Volunteer?

Meet New People.  Volunteering is a chance to connect with people who have the same interests as you. As well as making friends you may also experience a sense of community.


Gain Self Confidence. It's a simple concept- when we do good things we feel better about ourselves and the world. There is no doubt volunteering positively effects people and your community as a whole; and that's something to feel good about.


Build Your Resume. Learn valuable soft skills like communication, collaboration and leadership as well as hard skills directly related to your career. Volunteering is a chance to build your network and bolster relationships with people in your career field.