The L.A. Times published an OP-ED about several negative effects that closing group homes has led to. Click here to read the article.

As states and counties endeavor to keep at risk children safe, they make course corrections based on past problems.  With each policy change new issues arise with the very systems developed to keep them safe.

Our local partners are aware of the struggles addressed in this article and work hard to find the best options for the children in their charge while following state and federal mandates.

When the pendulum swings, it swings very wide.  One extreme to the other. It's typically a slow swing so wrongs take quite a while to be righted.  There is a need for more foster homes as well as congregate care.  Some children do not do well in a traditional family setting due to early attachment issues and/or "trauma-and stressor-related disorders" as the DSM-5 classifies it.

Here at Y.E.S., the services we provide are supportive to foster youth. Such as giving a foster child a highly trained CASA. Children and adolescents who have a formal or informal “mentor-like” relationship with someone outside their home are less likely to have externalizing behavior problems (bullying) and internalizing problems (depression) 1. We hope to be expanding our services in order to best serve all of the children that come into foster care in Siskiyou County.

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