1. Advocating is important to you.
The children we serve are vulnerable and benefit from having someone in their corner with no other obligations or bias.


2. There are 22 foster children that are awaiting a CASA.
Y.E.S. has been authorized to provide CASAs for these 22 foster children but we need you!


3. You will see the direct results of giving back to your community.
CASAs see their assigned case through to the end- reunification, adoption or placement.


4. You enjoy spending time with children and adolescents.
The CASA role is not all work- we have fun too! CASAs can take their kiddos on a hike, see a movie, utilize the Y.E.S. office space where we have games and crafts. We also provide outings and activities where CASAs and their kiddos can socialize. The children we serve deserve privacy and confidentiality therefore, any activity which would expose their identity is not allowed.


5. You have an extra 5-10 free hours per month.
We ask our CASAs to dedicate 1-2 hours per week.


6. Meet new people with similar interests!
Volunteering is a great way to get to know people in your community, make friends and build your network.


7. Learning opportunities interest you.
Every case presents another chance to learn. Y.E.S. also provides monthly training opportunities to our CASA volunteers. We cover topics related to foster youth like Dependency Law, Supporting Foster Youth through College and many others.


8. At any time, there are about 150 children under the jurisdiction of the court in Siskiyou County.
Y.E.S. has a 5 year goal to serve all 150 children who desire a CASA!


9. Having a mentor/mentee relationship is appealing to you.
Having a mentor is important no matter how old you are! Especially as a child, having consistent adults present can be beneficial. Being a mentor is extremely rewarding.


10. You are a consistent, safe, caring person.
You don’t need any special talents or skills to be a CASA but if you are these 3 things you are well on your way!


11. Research has shown that having at least one consistent adult relationship builds resilience in children.
We CASA because we care about the way our children grow up- we want to support them through one of the most stressful situations they’ll go through in their young life.

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