Since Covid-19 is a new virus that scientists know very little about right now it feels like the information being released is ever changing. The American Academy of Pediatrics published an article about summer camp in the time of Covid-19. Information covered includes: camp safety, camp benefits and testing. If you’re concerned about your child going to camp or wondering about the logistics- give this article a read.

Some things to consider while deciding if your child will attend summer camp this year are:

  1. Children will benefit from reestablishing peer connections while learning to social distance
  2. The camp your child attends should provide enriching experiences while reducing Covid-19 exposure
  3.  If your child is at risk of developing a severe illness from Covid-19 it may be recommended that they not attend camp this year
  4. Children with special health care needs should not be excluded from summer camp- your camp's director may be able to create an individualized plan for your child if, after consulting your doctor, you do decide to send your child to camp this year
  5. All camps (day and overnight) should follow established COVID-19 mitigation and response guidelines
  6. Camps should have a policy regarding symptom screening and what to do if a camper or staff member becomes sick with COVID-19 symptoms

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