YES for Families

“YES for Families’ mission is to encourage, strengthen, and empower families while providing a safe, neutral, and accessible place for children to visit with non-custodial parties.”

Professional Supervised Visitation in Siskiyou County.

YES for Families staff is trained accordingly to the Judicial Council of California Standard 5.20 and Family Code section 3200.5. Our staff is also certified mandated reporters from the California Department of Social Services.

Supervised visitation is contact between a noncustodial party and one or more children in the presence of a natural third person.

Families from all walks of life are ordered to have supervised visitation for various reasons. Parties that have been ordered to use our services are referred to us by Family Law Court. We hope to expand our services to all families without a referral soon. At YES for Families, we focus our services on families with alleged domestic violence, criminal abuse, neglect, and safety issues.

Getting Started: Intake and Orientation Assessment

The Intake and Orientation Assessment will occur before your first visit. The Intake assessment consists of gathering information about you and your case to determine the safety needs involved in the court-ordered supervised visitation. The second assessment is the Orientation. The purpose of the orientation is to go over the policies and guidelines of services, provide you with a tour of our facility, and answer any additional questions or concerns you may have before we schedule your first visit with your child(ren).

The Visits

Once the Intake and Orientation Assessments have been completed and your family is approved for services, your visits can begin. Please note that visits can not begin until the Intake and Orientation have been completed for all adults involved.

Visits will occur at our Youth Empowerment Siskiyou facility offering indoor and outdoor locations.


Youth Empowerment Siskiyou is a non-profit organization that offers free services to victims of crime.


If you would like more information about Supervised Visitation, please call our office at (530) 841-0844 or email