Helping Children Heal From Trauma

Help your child feel safe.

Keep a regular routine for meals, playtime and bedtime.

Encourage (don't force) children to talk about their feelings. 

Tell them it's normal to have a lot of feelings, listen and let them know what happened is not their fault.

Provide extra attention, comfort and encouragement.

Younger children may want extra attention. Follow their lead and be patient.

Teach relaxation techniques.

Encourage them to practice slow breathing and other techniques of self regulation.

Be aware of your own response to trauma.

Having your own history of trauma can affect how you cope- seek help if you need it.

Remember, everyone heals differently.

Respect each child's course of recovery.

Find help when needed.

Find a mental health professional that knows proven strategies to help children cope with trauma.



Source: Child Welfare Information Gateway. 2019 Prevention Resource Guide.

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