Legal Information

CASA makes its governing documents, conflict of interest policy and financial statements available to the public upon request. Please call the CASA office at (530) 841-0844 to arrange access to the information.

The Internal Revenue Service has recognized the tax exempt status of the organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Copies of the determination letter relating to this can be provided upon request. The official name of the organization is “Court Appointed Special Advocates of Siskiyou County”. The Tax Identification Number assigned to CASA of Siskiyou County is 20-0714947.

Court Appointed Special Advocates are Officers of the Court, with the relevant rights and responsibilities that pertain to this role as defined by the Welfare and Institutions Code. CASAs are volunteer advocates independently appointed by the Juvenile Court and do not work for the Human Services Department (CPS). Each CASA has been requested by, appointed by and sworn in by a Superior Court Judge. The judge making the appointment has signed an Order, which grants the CASA the authority to review specific relevant documents and interview parties involved in the case, as well as other persons having significant information relating to the child, to the same extent as any other Officer of the Court, to investigate proceedings on behalf of the Court. The CASA shall report the results of the investigation to the Court.

Upon presentation of the Order of his or her appointment by the CASA, any agency, hospital, school, organization, division or department of the state, physician and surgeon, nurse, other health care provider, psychologist, psychiatrist, police department or mental health clinic shall permit the CASA to inspect and copy any records relating to the child involved in the case of appointment without the consent of the child or parents.

All otherwise confidential records and information acquired or reviewed by a CASA during the course of his or her duties shall remain confidential and shall be disclosed only pursuant to a Court Order.

As a reminder, minors have the right to make contact with social workers, attorneys, probation officers, and foster youth advocates, including their CASA, unless otherwise ordered by the Court.

If you have any concerns or questions, please call our office at (530) 841-0844.