Who we are.

Sarah Springfield, Executive Director


Sarah has been with the Siskiyou County CASA program since October 2015 and became Executive Director of Youth Empowerment Siskiyou in April 2018.  Her background in journalism has been a breath of fresh air to what can often be challenging work. Her interest in social work began while studying at UC Berkeley and from her time as an after-school program leader for low-income and marginalized youth in Santa Ana.

Sarah is committed to maintaining high standards of service as well as building strong relationships with Donors, Board, Families and all of the Diverse Community Resources we work alongside.  Her vision for Advocacy and Fiscal Responsibility are the cornerstones that bring tremendous opportunity for growth and leadership to our at risk youth community.

In 2013 she hiked the California portion of the Pacific Crest Trail, fell in love with the Klamath River area, and decided to stay.  She appreciates the unique chance to work in a small program that has a big impact in a rural county.


Lori Keyser-Boswell, CASA Program Manager


Siskiyou County has been Lori's home since 1997, and it is here that she and her husband raised their sons and daughter. Prior to living in this area, she grew up working the berry and bean fields of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. She then pursued degrees in psychology and divinity in Tacoma and Berkeley. Lori has since lived in southcentral Alaska and eastern North Dakota.

Throughout her career, she has dedicated her time to facilitating the needs of people who have been marginalized. She has worked with teenagers living in group homes, victims of sexual assault, and individuals seeking refuge from violent, abusive relationships.

As an ordained Lutheran pastor since 1991, Lori has led retreats, taught classes, and coordinated outreach events. She has also offered spiritual support to individuals hospitalized with severe mental illness and hospice patients.

Lori's experience as a foster parent brought her to CASA in 2017. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she took a sojourn and worked as a social worker to assist people experiencing homelessness. In 2022, she returned to Youth Empowerment Siskiyou to lead their CASA program.

Lori loves working with the diverse individuals who donate their time, energy, and hearts to advocate for children in her county's Dependency and Juvenile Justice systems.



Barbra Risling, Housing Case Manager


I am a member of the Hoopa Valley Tribe as well as a Descendant of the Karuk and Yurok Tribes. I was born in Humboldt County but was brought up in the northern parts of Siskiyou. I have worked in the Human Services field for a little over five years now. My career in this field began with the Karuk Tribe's Indian Child Welfare Program as a Social Worker Assistant. That position fueled my passion for social work and I've continued on this path since then.

I joined Youth Empowerment Siskiyou's team in May 2021. I love the collaboration that happens here between co workers and volunteers to empower families in our community.  I am excited to continue building services with our amazing crew!


China Taylor, MHSA Program Manager


China has been a Siskiyou County resident for over 20 years. As a graduate from College of the Siskiyou, she has earned her credentials with a concentrated focus on sociology and psychology. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to her personal and professional development, she is presently engaged in a course of advanced study aimed at augmenting her capacity to offer additional services to the community at large.

In June of 2021 China assumed an active role within the organizational ranks of Youth Empowerment Siskiyou. With a profound sense of dedication, she takes pride in the impact that these services provide the community. Her objective resides in the cultivation of a community philosophy characterized by compassion and concern, and in doing so, cultivating an environment notable for its kindness and empathy.

Outside of work China enjoys spending time outdoors and with family and friends. Additionally, she enjoys attending the many local fairs, festivals and events of our small but proud community.


Amanee Pitts, Supervised Visitation Program Manager


As a wanderer with her heart rooted in love and community, Amanee has journeyed from the vibrant streets of San Francisco to the soulful beats of Atlanta, ultimately making Siskiyou County her home. As a newcomer to human services, Amanee has discovered how rewarding it is to make a positive impact on others' lives. With family by her side, she strives to create a nurturing and compassionate environment for everyone around her. Amanee joined Youth Empowerment Siskiyou's team in November of 2022 and she couldn't be more excited for what the future holds!

Ashley Lemos, Outreach Coordinator


Ashley has worked in human services for over three years. She joined Youth Empowerment Siskiyou to make a difference in the lives of youth here in our community. She grew up in Siskiyou County and enjoys fly fishing, time with family, and making those around her laugh. She is currently working on obtaining her degree in Social Work with the intention of furthering her professional goals in helping individuals affected by trauma.


Ryan Romero, Camp Program Manager


Ryan has been a resident of Siskiyou County since childhood. As a foster child, who was later raised by his grandparents, he has firsthand experience with the effects of family separation.

Ryan pursued higher education at both the College of the Siskiyous and Southern Oregon University, earning a Bachelor's of Science Degree in History. Serving as a substitute teacher, he has worked with students of all ages, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, at various schools across the county.

His primary focus at the shelter is to help residents access education and employment opportunities. Ryan's mission is to empower young individuals by equipping them with essential life skills they may not have had the opportunity to acquire elsewhere, enabling them to thrive in this rural community.

In his free time, Ryan is passionate about conserving old books, hiking, and he enjoys indulging in the study of botany.

Paige Boswell, Youth Coordinator


As the Youth Coordinator, Paige is dedicated to empowering youth to see the possibilities available to them and to acknowledge that past traumas do not have to determine their future legacy.

Paige first engaged with Youth Empowerment Siskiyou (Y.E.S.) as a foster youth when she began attending the yearly summer camp and had a CASA worker of her own. Her deep understanding, knowledge, and experience as a foster youth have helped shape her commitment to help people in the same way that people have helped her. As a Y.E.S. Camp attendee for five years and a camp counselor for two years, she knows the importance of how these experiences can impact and transform someone’s life.

Paige is instrumental in creating youth opportunities in our community and helping youth advocate for what they want to see in the community to make it the best place possible for them.

As a current high school student, she is taking an Education course to better understand childhood development and how trauma affects youth in their early stages of life. Paige knows this knowledge will help her continue to grow and enhance her ability to serve youth in the most supportive and compassionate way.

As the youngest staff member, she loves being able to hang out with the kids and provide them with lasting, happy memories they can hold onto when they are going through difficult situations. You can’t miss her positive attitude, infectious smile, and energy!"

Trish Perry, Deputy Director


Trish brings a lifetime of experience as a jack-of-all-trades to her role as Operations Manager within the agency. She has achieved success in various positions, including serving as an operations manager for a manufacturing and retail store, working as a bookkeeper, foreperson, and finish carpenter for multiple construction companies, and as a teacher for young individuals dealing with trauma and disabilities.

Trish is a dedicated advocate for the LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and Neurodivergent communities, and she thrives when collaborating with individuals who also have a heart for youth.

In her personal time, she embraces outdoor activities in nature, spending time with her family, being amused by her pets, and  channels her creativity through pursuits like quilting, drawing, crocheting, and engaging in DIY construction projects.